Why would people rather reschedule meetings three times than politely decline? Why are we more willing to invest in the stock market than in our lives?
How can we get in the flow of communicating with our emotion?
When you change your past, you will change the present too.
What I learned from learning how to drive
"When you fill your own cup, you can hand the overflow to others."
Let me help you get more clarity in 20min.
While life may appear mostly transactional, it is in the unknown that we find the magic you may be seeking.
“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
When you begin to create consistently, you will realize that you are far more “productive” than you ever thought possible.
Deep Work + Deep Play + Deep Love = A Fulfilling Life
“Each surfer is a dancer. Each wave is a song. Surfers listen to the waves, just as dancers listen to the songs.”
Do you put other people’s happiness above your own?