📕 LivingOS Issue #97 - Remembering A Year Of Crisis, Creation, And Connection

Charlene's Annual Review At A Glance

Happy New Year from the LivingOS Team!

I’m Charlene Wang, author of Model Breakers and life coach for high achievers.

The Annual Review reminded me that before LivingOS, I used to spend a lot of my time investing in stocks. 

I would constantly check the stock performance and plan for new strategies. Then the pandemic made me realize that I wanted something more mindful in life. Something that could teach me something and help me grow every day. That’s how I got started with writing. 

Writing turned out to be the best investments I made this year. 

Eva once asked me whether I would be okay if no one reads my writing. This is such a great question because it sets apart the people who love the craft. 

When I first started writing, I didn't have many readers on the Internet. I was just writing for myself and a few friends. Writing has become my growth vehicle to reflect on life. The process itself is so rewarding that everything that follows is a cherry on top. 

If you want to see what I learned from writing a book and 70 newsletters, you can check out the premium post I’ve unlocked for a limited time. 

Before we get to my annual review, I want to acknowledge that this review has taken me two weeks and two buddy check-ins to complete. I was procrastinating because I was afraid that I couldn’t write the perfect review. One that would do justice to a year of crisis, creation, and connection. It was not until my accountability buddy’s second check-in that I felt the need to carry out my promise. When I stopped taking myself too seriously, I began to enjoy writing this annual review a lot more! 

My Annual Review At A Glance

In addition to the highlights, here are my seven realizations of the year: 

  1. I am grateful for the unconditional love from my family and team. Thank you for believing in me and trusting that we will do great things together.

  2. I write to think, understand, and answer questions I had for the world. I’m also very proud of writing this newsletter to you every Friday. If my work has made your life any different, I would love to know!

  3. I podcast with my best friend Elaine and Chris to share stories that I cannot yet fully express with words and reflect on my work in progress. 

  4. I coach to embrace my superpower and help people unconditionally love themselves

  5. I read to get new inspiration and nurture original thoughts. 

  6. I meditate to honor my deep wantings, manifest my dreams, and nurture the little sparks in life. 

  7. I exercise to stay healthy, mindful, and sharp. I also exercise to prepare myself for all the upcoming culinary adventures in the future. 

I don’t have plans to share my learnings because they are quite personal, but I am open to practicing vulnerability. If you are curious, send me a note and I’ll share the draft with you.

Have you done your annual review yet?

Check out this self-guided exercise, podcast (in Mandarin), and attend our in-person workshop in Taipei. My hope is that you can develop better self-awareness and start the new year strong.

As for what’s next for LivingOS in 2021, our goal is to help more awesome people do great things in life. We’ve started to interview our next cohort this week. If you know anyone who may need a bit more guidance in life, you can refer them to the LivingOS Fellowship.



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