📕Issue #19 - Daily Gem Overview #1

❤️ 8/7 - 8/23 Collections, A Better Way To Consume Daily Gem

I love writing Daily Gem.

Since I published my first gem on Aug 4 (and officially introduced the project on Aug 7), we have covered the following topics:


  1. How to evaluate startup ideas

  2. How to build your personal brand (with key positioning)

  3. Writing for busy people (with Amazonian principles)

  4. High output writing (with complimentary writing course)

Life Coaching

  1. Acceptance 101

  2. Getting Relaxed (why stress is bad)

  3. Design your day (with amazing time journal)

  4. Meditation Magic pt 1 (with three misconceptions)

  5. Meditation Magic pt 2 (with 2x 15min meditation technique)

  6. How to have difficult conversations


  1. Networking flywheel pt 1 (8 packets of generosity)

  2. Networking flywheel pt 2 (instant intimacy)

  3. Networking challenge (do something audacious)

  4. Mentorship Circle

Decision Making

  1. Own the frame (with a credible third option)

  2. Get the right information (with details, questions, intuition)

  3. Long-term decision making (with backcasting and second-order thinking)

  4. Create automatic behaviors (with tripwires and team empowerment)

Today I want to hear from you.

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