📕Issue #48 - LivingOS in Sep 2020

“It helps you achieve academic/career success by sharing the combination of Chinese and Western experience and wisdom.”

👋🏻 Hi! I’m Charlene Wang. I help make your life a little better with coaching and community. I’m writing a book to break the model minority stereotype. Weekly Gem is my musings on moments and transitions in life. Grateful to have you here ❤️

I'm excited to start sharing monthly updates with you.

In addition to writing daily for premium subscribers and weekly for you, I also write a monthly update for my mentors and coaches. The purpose of this monthly update is to share challenges, reflections, and look-aheads. I’d love to know what you think too.

Now, the update...

Executive Summary

In September of 2020, I donated [redacted] to LivingOS and submitted the 501(c)(3) status application to the California government.

We brought in two new members—Andy Hsu and Eva Huang—in early August. We are now a team of seven across Taiwan, California, and New Jersey. This means that most meetings are before 8AM or after 7pm 😂

We’ve launched 3 major initiatives:

  1. Mentorship: 3-month Pilot for 100 first and second generation Asian Immigrants

  2. Offline: Networking workshop in Taipei 🎉

  3. Podcast: Relationships series & 10 episodes review


  1. We’ve got enough feedback to know that our website has confused the hell out of you, so we started a redesign project to fix that problem. We have added our mission statement and user guide. We are revamping our style guide across all social media… Stay tuned 👀

  2. We ran into some Zoom difficulties in the last two talk shows, and it took me a week to realize that my “call for help” was streamed to hundreds of folks… 😂 Please let me know if you have any streaming software recommendations.

  3. We currently have 150 members in our FB Groups, but we haven’t figured out how to best structure the group. One hypothesis is to use our offline event to drive online engagement. If you have any ideas, please send it over 🙏🏻


  1. We created a flow chart to help new folks make the most out of LivingOS. If you are making career/life transitions in the next few months, hit me up and I will hook you up with the best resources.

  2. I have done over 40 events (5 private workshops, 5 group mentoring, 10 live shows, and 20+ external events) in the past three months, but I didn’t get to analyze them until last weekend. I will share more in tomorrow’s Daily Gem.

  3. We have got really positive feedback from the first mentorship pilot. Juhan especially spent many hours ensuring each mentor/mentee pair is optimal. If you like the match, please let us know. 🥰

What People Are Saying 👀

Here are the user insights we got last week:

“LivingOS helps people to find out the inner power which keeps them from a cycle of fear and self sabotage.”

“LivingOS makes people know that it’s okay to embrace their feelings and understand that others around them may be going through similar experiences.”

“It helps you achieve academic/career success by sharing the combination of Chinese and Western experience and wisdom.”


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