📕Issue #57 - What do you really want in life?

Five wantings that would make you a little happier.

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I have no idea what I really want in life.

What do you really want? Better grades or better jobs? I was guilty of that too.

I started from wanting to be an interior designer when I was 7 to wanting to be a diplomat when I was 16 to wanting to be an entrepreneur when I was 18 to most recently wanting to erase all these artificial labels.

I wanted to reprogram the beliefs that didn’t bring me happiness. However, I almost forgot how to want when I learned how to please the world.

It took me a while to realize that success is not what I achieve but who I am.

How to find out what you want in life?

I was introduced to a powerful exercise that has helped me find out that I want to be like oolong tea. Bitter at first, mellow (回甘) afterward. The more you taste, the better it gets.

I have since applied this to my coaching sessions and have helped many people find the clarity they have been craving for so long.

I also did the exercise for my team, and here’s their feedback…

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Five wantings that would make you a little happier.

Earlier this year, I took a popular Yale course on the science of well-being. In the class, Professor Laurie Santos recommended five wantings that would increase happiness:

  1. Kindness (e.g. treat people well)

  2. Social connection (e.g. connect with people you love)

  3. Time affluence (e.g. having enough time to do the things you love)

  4. Mind control (e.g. meditation or a me-time with yourself)

  5. Healthy habits (e.g. exercise, sleep, drink water)

Which one would you want to make time to do today?

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🎁 Gift

I spoke with Christina Qi, founder of a billion-dollar hedge fund Domeyard LP, about:

  • How she started the hedge fund with a $1000 check

  • How she survived and thrived after many close calls

  • How she is rewriting the code of the financial industry

The talk show is fabulous. You can watch the full interview here.

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