📕 Issue #83 - The Story Of Model Breakers - Book Pre-launch, LivingOS Fellowship, Quarantine Mountain

👋 Greetings from Taipei! I’m Charlene Wang. I make your life a little better with coaching and community. I am the author of Model BreakersLivingOS Newsletter is my musings on life. Grateful to have you here.

My publisher is pre-launching my book Model Breakers next week.

Writing a book and getting the words out there, especially as a first-time author, takes a village. I’m really grateful to everyone who reached out, retweeted, and supported me in so many ways. And I want to give a special shoutout to my fiancé Chris, who supported me to work through many, many weekends and late nights. ❤️

As some of you might know, Model Breakers is the book I wish I had when I first came to the States. I wanted something that laid out the cultural rules and guided me to take the right actions. Now that I have the awareness and experiences, I would like to help you avoid the pitfalls and overcome the stereotypes in America. 

The Story Of My Book

Model Breakers is about the struggles we all experience, the struggle to be fully ourselves. 

The most important stories are often left untold in the cultural dialogue. The model minority stereotype rampant in America has affected the lives of every Asian person living in the US, who feels vulnerable or invisible. I hope to shatter the model minority stereotype, show our individual stories and reclaim our voice.

I began this journey with the motivation to help my little brother Warren. I started writing to my brother through a series of letters titled “Dear Warren” that went viral. I investigated the hurdles and questioned how to have a fulfilling college—and life—experience in America. While I wasn’t sure how many letters Warren had actually read (he only responded to one), I got overwhelming responses from readers who asked for more. 

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover how to break up with the model minority stereotype. In turn, we can change the immigrant narrative at large. 

You'll hear stories such as...

  • How model minority reinforces that we are “minor” and distant from our true selves

  • How self-awareness and growth mindset redefine stereotypes in a powerful way 

  • How emotional and social awareness helps us go from surviving to thriving

  • How it is okay to not feel okay

Model Breakers is a work of nonfiction that speaks to people like my brother Warren—all the first, second, and third generations—and allies who want to create empowering identities for themselves. 

Stay tuned for the announcement next week!

If you know anyone who may benefit from this book, feel free to share the letter, leave a comment, or just hit reply. 😉

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PS - I missed the quarantine, so I tried to capture the sensations…

When the cicada is singing, the screen is beaming, the sky is dark, and the king-size bed is luring me back to nap, in that moment my actions define me…

On rainy days I capture the fresh scent. On sunny days I enjoy my hot yoga sessions. On both days, I breathe.