📕 LivingOS Issue #122 - A new season, food and drink for your soul

When was the last time you had a great conversation?

After taking a month of creative break, I’m excited to introduce something new.

It’s been three months since I stopped recording the weekly podcast, and I’ve been thinking about the new direction for almost the same amount of time. When Chris asked me what’s next, I realized that I’ve put the book and the fellowship above my curiosity for a while.

It feels good to tinker again.

I want to create a podcast that nourishes your soul.

I didn’t want to create yet another podcast. There’s enough out there.

I wanted to create a podcast that nourishes your soul. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard before—No intro, script, or ads. Just two amazing humans opening up their minds and hearts to the world wide web.

I was nervous to step into the audio territory, but I’m also excited to make these private conversations public. Perhaps, this chaotic energy suggests that it’s time to share our authentic, vulnerable selves with more people.

I’m creating a new space to express more fully.

I’ve recorded a few episodes and reverted 90% of the old ones back to draft. (You can still find them on this YouTube playlist.)

I wanted to make this podcast something I’m proud to share, so I will only publish the best episodes. This means that you will not get weekly updates, but you can trust that every episode will be time well spent.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to connect with me, the podcast would be a great start. My dream is to make each episode as joyful as O’Donahue beautifully said:

If you’re a seasoned podcast listener, you can find the podcast on:

There are four episodes in total (one with my friend Caroline, and three from the past few seasons). Maybe you’ll listen to it right away. Or perhaps you’ll watch the 60-second trailer today:

Whichever path you choose, I hope it gives you a bit more clarity in life.

If you enjoy it, could you give it a rating and share some feedback on iTunes?

Have a great weekend,