LivingOS Issue #104 - Are You Afraid of Being Seen?


Hi friends, I’m Charlene Wang, author of Model Breakers and life coach for high achievers.

Let’s start with three big announcements:

  1. LivingOS 2020 Year In Review made by our creative director Eva.

  2. LivingOS Podcast will become an audio version of this newsletter.

  3. Sherry delivered an awesome annual review workshop last weekend.

Me: I am frustrated that I said nothing when my colleagues asked me what I did over the weekend. I downplayed what I did because I was afraid to be seen as too intense. 

Coach Isabel: Is there a lack of alignment that is whispering to you? 

Me: Yes, I would love to share my passion, but I’m afraid to make people feel inadequate. I would love to share the coaching, writing, and updates of Model Breakers, but I don’t know if people could handle me…

I noticed a thinking trap. I thought that my great feeling would make others feel worse. Reality? Even if I felt miserable, the world would not suffer less. 

We don’t have to suffer. While we don’t have to brag about our successes, repeatedly downplaying our small wins could become a pattern. We can be empathetic without taking on others’ feelings. We can be compassionate without minimizing our joy.

Isabel: Is there any possibility to share about the things you love? 

Me: I can start by sharing one thing at a time.

Perhaps you say one thing, and nobody follows up. Then you can comfortably keep it to yourself, knowing that you are honoring their preference. On the other hand, people may get excited about what you said. Then you get to say more about what you want.

The key here is to get in touch with your inner confidence and be honest with yourself.

If you have pre-ordered Model Breakers, you can read the full story in chapter six now!




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