Issue #60 - The Powerful Exercise

I will guide you to discover your core values and true motivations in life.

After coaching hundreds of high achievers, I created a powerful exercise to help you find out your core values in twenty minutes.

A key outcome of this exercise is to find out who you are and what you want to become. First, I will help you find an object that best represents who you are. Then, we will write a love letter together.

My husband’s love letter to the ocean

Dear Ocean,

I love how enormous you are.

You make me feel there's no limit in the world.

Every time I see you I feel very peaceful and at the same time, really small.

If possible, I want to bring my family and loved ones to you so that they can also enjoy your majesty.

If I could be you for a day, I would tell my real self that all the issues I run into are just tiny little things that probably don't matter at the end of the day.


The attractive qualities of oceans also resemble Chris’s core values in life. The love letter is meant to be read over and over as a powerful declaration.

If you want another reference, check out my love letter for Alishan Oolong.

You can use this technique to solve any problem.

This part requires heavy coaching, so I’ll share Chris’s resolution:

[redacted for privacy] is just a little thing. What bugs me now probably doesn’t matter at the end of the day. What matters more is enjoying life.

Furthermore, he identified one goal that he can carry out in his everyday life:

Changing his work prioritization so that he can spend time doing what he enjoys and delegate everything else.

If you are interested in taking this a step further, you can schedule a 20min coaching session with me.