📕 LivingOS Issue #111 - The Power of Curiosity

If life is a book, how can you write a fun chapter today?

Hi friends, I’m Charlene Wang, author of Model Breakers and life coach for high achievers.

I coached 18 people this week, so grateful for the warm reception:

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I major in curiosity.

I struggled to explain what I majored in college. I took many practical classes required by my major, but none of them sparked joy for me. It took me a while to realize that I wanted to understand what it’d mean to live a good life. In the past year, my curiosity has been fueled by writing and coaching.

By exposing myself to new ideas and people every day, I am learning more than ever before. By chasing my curiosity, I began to create my fulfilling journey. I’m truly living the best of both worlds (more on that in the future.)

The Power of Curiosity

When I think of curiosity, I like to think of my five-year-old self, the girl who is beaming with so much energy, asking so many questions, and marveling at the everyday subjects with endless “wow!”

My light has dimmed a bit, but my urge to get back in touch with my childhood wonder is stronger than ever. Recently, I began to ask myself this powerful question, “What’s wonderful about that?”

This simple question has helped me:

  • let go of control

  • stop judging myself

  • step into new possibilities

  • speak my truth and ask for what I want 🎧

This mindset shift made me feel so good. Very grateful for my life every day.

Here’s how you can allow more curiosity into life.

Start by asking curious questions. These are often questions you don’t have answers, really want to know, and feel excited when you think of them. Whenever I feel tired or lost, I ask myself these questions:

  1. How could I enjoy the moment a little bit more?

  2. What exciting problems would I like to solve?

  3. If life is a book, how can I write a fun chapter today?

  4. What would a life full of wonder look like?

  5. How much time do I spend on creativity today?

Feel free to take these questions as your weekly reminder. Once you find your curiosity, chase it immediately.

Happy Weekend,


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