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Hi Curious Humans, I’m Charlene Wang, life coach for high achievers.

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I have been studying what it takes to live a fully human, satisfying, and flourishing life for years. I built LivingOS University as an early attempt at sharing my tribal knowledge. Later on, I created LivingOS Fellowship to help others do the same.

Have you ever edited out a part of yourself or sacrificed something to achieve what you want in life?

After researching and interviewing 20+ folks, I found that many folks, especially in their early 20s, have felt the urge to edit themselves.

Here are the five common patterns I heard in people’s stories:

  1. The Uncertainty: How do you handle ambiguity? When I first started the LivingOS Fellowship, I didn’t know where to find the people. I only knew that many people would benefit from my unique system of coaching. Despite the uncertainty, I focused on what I could control—creating high-quality content, showing up authentically, and guiding fellows to embrace their full selves. After all, I don’t need a massive following. I just want to make people around me happy.

  2. The Victim: How do you handle failures? When you blame your situation on some old story or excuses, you’re giving up the power within yourself. Analyze your hauntings and take action to solve them.

  3. The Annoying Parent: When are you good enough? When you have critical parents, you often internalize their voices to push yourself harder. While my mom is awesome 🎧, she is quite critical. Catch the voice and replace them with a more loving one next time it comes up.

  4. The Odd Duck: Why do you need to follow others? When you look different from the rest of the group, you may feel pressured to conform. Instead, focus on what you enjoy doing and what makes you unique.

  5. The Competition: Why do you need to beat others? When you grow up competing for grades and attention, you may adopt the worldview that your interest would have to come at the expense of others. Focus on serving others because nature rewards people who bring good to the world.

As you begin to love yourself, you will be able to heal your past trauma, feel your emotions, and enjoy life even more. This new awareness will help you pursue your ambitions with more joy and authenticity.

One of my 2021 goals is to help 100 Fellows unconditionally love themselves. Check out the Fellowship or the membership post🔒 to get started.

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What Fellows Are Saying…

After this mid-cohort LinkedIn update, a few of our lovely fellows reached out and shared how they feel on the other side of the experience.

“I joined the cohort because I've really struggled answering some nebulous questions like what am I really good at? How do I scale my impact and do more efficiently? One of Charlene's super powers is creating thoughtful frameworks that make big, hairy questions a lot easier to tackle. Excited to see Charlene's reach continue to grow!”

— Lisa Truong, Product Manager at 100x Group

“My journey with LivingOS has been nothing short of life-changing. Charlene has empowered me to turn every doubt, weakness, and roadblock of mine into something so much more meaningful. I can't recommend this fellowship enough!”

— Nicole Chui, Co-Founder at Beansprout

“I feel so honored and grateful for the opportunity to join this fellowship and completely change my view of my life and rewrite the old stories that I don't even dare to think how they're possible to be tackled with. It's also really amazing to see the changes on myself given such a limited time. I am more than willing to recommend this fellowship for the wonderful self discovery journey and a group of amazing humans along the way.”

— Tzu-Ying Wu, Graduate Researcher at Academia Sinica

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