What Is Your Theme Song?

🎵 Like how a single word Can make a heart open I might only have one match But I can make an explosion 🎵

What’s your favorite moment in life?  

Society wants us to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. But it is unlikely that everyone would enjoy the same set of random, lovely events. We might even feel bad for disappointing our loved ones or failing to emote the right amount of happiness. 

What if we defined our own special days?

Take a look at your life: What events made you feel good? Perhaps it was the first day you drove to work (independence!), the day you committed to a serious relationship (love!), or the serendipitous conversation that sparked new ideas (like this post!). 

These moments are just like the stars at night. Some may be shiny and full of memories. Others may be faint and hard to see at times. They may be far from each other, but they all share a commonality—you. Just like the Babylonians who drew the horoscopes two thousand years ago, you are responsible for recognizing, connecting, and making sense of your stars. 

As you go about discovering the stars in your life, remember that you won’t be able to see them all at once. It takes time for your senses to ease into the discovery mode or travel to less polluted areas.  But just like stargazing, the more you do it, the more you get to experience your sky. 

Now you may ask: How can I make sense of all these stars and draw the connections? 

Start with your theme song for life. It may be the song that took you through a rapid transition, a lonely period, or a messy breakup. Or it may be the song you sang at the altar or wrote several years ago. Or it can be the first tune that came to your mind.

For me, it is Fight Song that lights my inner fire. For our designer Eva, it is Superstar that reassures her that everything will be fine as she begins a new career. For my hairstylist Gerald, it is Listen that helped him launch his hairstyling career—against everyone else’s objections—fifteen years ago.

If we don’t know our theme song, we may borrow our family or friend’s choice. However, they are at best inspiration and at worst a confusion. 

So what is your theme song, the song that connects your past and future, the song that gives you a reason why? 

Reply with your theme song. I’ll send out the playlist in the next issue.

To the rising stars, 


PS: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to LivingOS.org

… and thank you so much for reading and supporting us since the early days 💚 💚 💚