📕 Issue #87 - Model Breakers is 112% funded - Redefining Accomplishment 💪🏻

👋 Greetings from the Bay Area! I’m Charlene Wang. I make your life a little better with coaching and community. I am the author of Model Breakers.

We’re 112% funded!

Before I get to the topic this week, I want to pay tribute to the 135 backers who helped us made Model Breakers possible.

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Now I’d like to share some questions that are top of my mind on my 23rd birthday…

What does accomplishment mean in life?

Do we need to sacrifice something to achieve what we want in life?

How would I raise an additional $3,000 for Model Breakers?

How would I help every LivingOS fellow get a transformative experience?

If you have any specific topic requests, don’t hesitate to let me know too.

Let’s start with accomplishment…

After coaching 50+ high achievers, I’ve renewed my definition of success. Instead of setting ambitious goals, I now see accomplishment as finding our natural course and living true to it. Think of life as a river. A river doesn’t need to “work” to get to the ocean. It naturally flows to the lowest point, and that natural flow is the way of life.

When you are aware of how you work, you can better express yourself. The more we discover who we are, the more we evolve. The more we evolve, the more we show up in a way that is gentle, loving, and strong. As you embark on that path of self-discovery, you may realize that the thing that you have been searching for comes from yourself. As you begin to look for your authenticity, you are no longer willing to sell out yourself for anything else. That’s when life starts to unfold in joy.

Here are three questions to get you started:

  1. Stop beating yourself up. You are inherently good. Once you develop confidence in your inherent goodness, you begin to trust that you can carry out your mission in life.

    If you still have doubts, ask yourself: When is an oak tree good enough?

  2. Acknowledge accomplishment is natural and easy. If you can accomplish with ease and enjoyment, you’re in the flow and mastery.

    How can you create more flow states in life? For me, it’s meditation.

  3. Have a goal larger than yourself. It makes your goals more likely to be done too.

    How could your gifts serve the needs of the time? Here’s a framework you can use.

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