📕 LivingOS Issue #112 - How to Escape the Competition and Create Your Own Game

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Hi friends, I’m Charlene Wang, author of Model Breakers and life coach for high achievers.

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I was very nervous to start this week because Addy—the coach who inspired me to tell my own story—invited me to coach him. Addy has coached congressman, Stanford president, top tech execs, and so many more. I had to pinch myself to ensure that the request was real.

“You are brilliant. You’re the master in this craft.” Addy told me after the first session.

I’ll save the whole story for the day when Addy is open to sharing his work with the world. I will help him jump through that barrier very soon.

Each week I’m going to tackle one question from the Fellowship Community. Interested in connecting with a community of high achievers? Apply for the upcoming cohort here.

Q: Most of us know that we have to stop comparing ourselves with other people, but how can we do that?

Competition is a byproduct of ambition and a prevalent high achiever symptom, as discussed in a previous letter.

  1. Since the competition for money, power, and love will never end, why not turn all the jealous energy into motivation? Instead of worrying or feeling that we are not good enough, we can focus on what we can change and close the gap between dreams and reality.

  2. Taking it a step further: Instead of playing the game defined by others, we can create our own game—one that centers around our values, dreams, and gifts. By creating our own game, we can escape the competition 🔒 and focus on what matters to us. Interestingly, this differentiation becomes our competitive edge and will help in the long run.

If you would like to apply these two strategies to work and life, check out the full episode for in-depth examples.

Happy Weekend,


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