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Dear 18-Year-Old Self

The Year of Knowing: LivingOS Annual Review

Riding through the Storm

The FB Exec Practice That Changed the Way I Lead

Do you have the courage to lead?

Do you have the courage to face your life task? 

What Is Your Theme Song?

I am a writer.

My Travel Time

The Magic of Improvisation

Stop Asking Why

Just Curious...


The Driver’s License

Feeling Lost in Life?

“This is a waste of my time.”

Fellowship Wisdom: Daring Greatly

Productive Creativity = Research + Ideation + Draft + Publish

The Beauty of Improvisation

Surfing My Wave

What’s Awesome About Your Day Job?

My Secret Diary

Let's Break the Models Now

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✏️ 烏龍茶回信 vol.3 如何有效的在大學中邊做邊學?